Elina Birmingham
Associate Professor
Faculty of Education
Simon Fraser University

Faculty Profile Page:

Graduate Students

Behnaz Bahmei is a PhD student in the School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC. She received her M.Sc. degree in mechanical engineering from K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran in 2014. Behnaz is proficient in computer programming with the focus on machine learning and deep learning for multiple applications including Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems and Signal Processing. Behnaz joined our group since May 2018 as an artificial intelligence specialist. She is currently working on the sound identification for studying auditory sensitivity in people with ASD.

Ashkan Tavassoli is a MSc student in the School of Mechatronics Systems Engineering, Simon Fraser University, Surrey, BC.  Ashkan joined our group in 2020 and is currently working on one shot learning for environmental sound classification, for an intervention to support autistic children and youth with decreased sound tolerance.

Research Assistants

Troy Boucher is a recent graduate of the Psychology Honour’s program at SFU. He is currently a research assistant working on the sound sensitivity project. Troy also helps with research collaborations between SAGE and the Autism and Developmental Disorders Lab (ADDL) at SFU, where he serves as the lab manager.

Bradley Karstadt recently graduated from UBC with a B.Sc in Cognitive Systems. He is currently working as a research assistant for Dr. Birmingham examining the effects of social vs. non-social cues on the prioritization of adult attention in realistic environments.

Lab Alumni

John Yang, M.A. (SFU)

Joshua Wiebe, B.A. (SFU)

Rebecca Fisher, B.A. (SFU)

Vidaluz Ortuno Nacho, B.A. (SFU)

Dr. Dominic Trevisan, Ph.D (SFU)

Qiwans (Cindy) Shi, M.A. (SFU)

Nicole Roberts, M.A. (SFU)

Marleis Bowering, B.A. (SFU)

Vivian Qi, B.A. (SFU)

Dawn Chan, M.A. (SFU)

Victoria Athey, M.A. (SFU)

Cathy Lin, B.A. (SFU)

Pamela Plantinga, B.A. (SFU)

Emerson Gaglardi, B.A. (SFU)

Zoe Crane, B.A. (SFU)