Sound Sensitivity Project

Sound sensitivity (or decreased sound tolerance) is a common and debilitating problem in autistic children and adults and those with other neurodevelopmental conditions. Read more 

Perspectives of Autistic Individuals

In another vein of research using a totally different approach, we use qualitative methods to explore the lived experiences of people on the autism spectrum as they navigate their everyday lives. Read more

Autism Mentorship Initiative

Since 2013, we have been collaborating with the Center for Accessible Learning to build a peer mentoring program for undergraduate students on the autism spectrum, entitled the Autism Mentorship Initiative (AMI). Read more

Facial Expressions

We are interested both in the perception of facial expressions of emotion and the production of facial expressions, and how these processes operate differently in autistic individuals.   Read more

Eye tracking & Social Attention

Using a portable eye tracker and high definition video recordings, this line of research examines real world attention.  We recently purchased the SMI ETG2 wireless glasses system to conduct this research. Read more